Building with Astro

 ·  1 min read

It feels like just yesterday, I started a blog with Next.js. I thought that was overkill for what I wanted in a blog, and decided to migrate to Astro instead. This feels lighter and also is a good excuse to learn the latest framework for SSGs.

I was considering trying out 11ty as well, but there were enough tradeoffs that I decided to go with Astro:

  • Asset management (bundling CSS, JS, images) is built-in
  • Astro will optimize static assets
  • Astro supports CSS and CSS modules out of the box
  • Astro has more built-in features for performance optimizations, e.g. pre-rendering, image optimization, HTTP/2 push, lazy loading, and code-splitting
  • Astro supports View Transitions, which seems to make a SPA framework like Next.js unnecessary

I was able to quickly get up and running with Astro’s portfolio template, and updated all the styles and content to my liking, while porting over my old site. I also added a blog section, which is where you are now.